An Introduction to Tanzania

Tanzania is home to a wealth of wonderful destinations; here are a few of the most unmissable:

  • Serengeti National Park: The oldest national park in Tanzania, the Serengeti is world-famous for the annual wildebeest migration - though in truth, there is plenty to see here all year round. Indeed, during safaris in Tanzania outside of the migration, you can look forward to gazing upon thousands of creatures grazing on the planes, from giraffes and elephants to topis and gazelles.
  • The Ngorongoro Conservation Area: Home to the Ngorongoro Crater, the Conservation Area boasts one of Tanzania's highest concentrations of wildlife, as well as a host of natural wonders, including the crater itself and the Olduvai Gorge, a famous archaeological site. Often described as Africa's Eden, the Ngorongoro Crater has lions, zebra and wildebeest in abundance, as well as a dramatically beautiful landscape.
  • Selous Game Reserve: Perfect for travellers who are keen to get off the beaten track, Selous Game Reserve is comparatively little known, despite covering some five per cent of Tanzania.
  • Zanzibar: An archipelago boasting white coral sand beaches lapped by beautifully clear waters, Zanzibar is a stunning place to explore. In addition to its beaches, it provides cultural interest at Stone Town - a UNESCO World Heritage Site - and the chance to discover nature in Jozani National Park.


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Pure Tanzania

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Best Season:Tanzania is a year-round destination. Factors that may influence your decision of when to go include whether you wish to avoid the long rains, and if there is any particular spectacle you would like to see. For many travellers, witnessing the wildebeest migration during a safari in Tanzania is a much-coveted experience and, while their movements are dependent on rainfall, familiarising yourself with the annual cycle of migration can help you select the right time.

Generally speaking, the wildebeest cross the border into Kenya in August and return in October - though their exact movements are determined by rainfall, so dates can of course vary.

Popular Location: Ngorongoro, Serengeti, Zanzibar

Tanzania Safari Itinerary Ideas

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